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In order to become a bail bond agent you must have a Casualty insurance producer license issued by the state of Colorado. 

Step 1.       Enroll in a “Casualty” class. You will need to have the required hours in this class.                          (50   Hours per Division of Insurance. Web site for DOI can provide you with an                               expanded list.)

Step 2.       After successfully passing the class – schedule and take the state test for a casualty                       license.
Step 3.       After successfully passing the state test complete the application for the casualty                           license issued by Colorado. 
Step 4.       When issued a Casualty License by the State, Enroll in the Bail Agent class                                     (Via Schedule Course form on this page or call 720-327-1229). 
Step 5.       After successfully passing the casualty test,  getting casualty license, passing our                          course, you will start to contact the various surety companies authorized to write bail                      in Colorado and sign up with the one of your choice. 
Step 6.       Congratulations – start your new career writing bail and have fun! 


Learn the ins and outs of the exciting business of bail bonding.

What the bail bonding agent can do and not do while operating the business.

If you are seeking a degree in Criminal Justice, this class will put you one step ahead of the rest of the pack when dealing with the bail bond industry.

If you are seeking to become self-employed, this business can be the means to independence and prepares you to acquire an appointment with a Colorado approved Surety Company. 

This class includes the Bail Recovery materials and study as required by the Colorado Legislature. 

The cost of this class includes the Recovery requirement established by the Colorado Legislature. 

3 day class     



The instructors at the Tom Remy School of Bail and Recovery do not endorse any of the casualty classes. It is possible that there are classes available thru other entities. Those shown above are for your convenience only. 

It is recommended for those individuals desiring to become bail agent that the process outlined above be followed and then take the bail agent class. 

However it is not required to follow the above steps. You may take the bail agent class at any time.

Individuals desiring to become recovery agents may take the recovery class at any time. There is no pre-study requirement.