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Combined, We've been Bail and Recovery Agents for over 35 years and we've found that our students truly appreciate the time and effort we put into our classes. We're here to help you succeed and that's something we don't take lightly.

At Tom Remy  and John Potter Academy of Bail and Recovery, we are here to listen to your needs and help you accomplish your business goals in any way we can.  We know that starting a business can be tough on your wallet, not to mention the legal hoops you will have to jump through  daily.  We've got a number of different options that you  can review to keep costs as low as possible and to keep you out of legal troubles in your new business.

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Tom Remy

Bail Agent Instructor

Bail bond agent since 1992;

Instructor since 1999;
Supervising Agent – 7 years;
Past president of PBAC. 


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Our school specializes in helping new  Bail Agents  with their Training to be appointed by a Surety company and help you in your business endeavors.

John Potter

Bail Agent Instructor

Bail bond agent since 2010;

Bail/Recovery instructor since 2011;
Retired police officer – 20 yrs;
In Iraq for 5yrs, International Police Advisor; Chief of Operations for the Kurdish Region;